Fly fishing fruitlessly in mangroves

Fly fishing fruitlessly in mangroves

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The soul of bowhunting

Working in an archery shop, we see it all, the gadgets, advancements in shooting technology. There are many products out there that will truly help a hunter enjoy his or her experience in the field, and perhaps have more success. But there are even more products out there just designed to "catch a hunter," as we say. Everyone has their own style and appreciates different things about hunting.

Bow hunting has a certain allure, a certain mystique. It is unbelievably hard to explain to others how much more fulfilling the challenge is, how you can enjoy the experience of it even without success. This time of year we are presented with the full arsenal of the industry, luckily this evening I was blessed to find something that excited me way more than some highfalutin new trail cam, a crazy new broadhead, or the 355th new RealTree camo pattern ever could. I found a video by Clay Hayes, a traditional bowhunter who makes his own bows and relies on woodsmanship to close the gap between him and his quarry. Trust me, you have 17 minutes to watch this video where Clay examines why we hunt, and why reducing the challenge of it might not be all it's cracked up to be.

Readers of this blog may recall I attempted to address these things as well in an earlier post- Why do we do it?

Please take the time to enjoy and share the fruit of Clay's hard work!

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