Fly fishing fruitlessly in mangroves

Fly fishing fruitlessly in mangroves

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Feeling Foggy?

This isn't much of a post. Despite my better intentions and best effort, the time for blogging has not made itself known. Fortunately what has contributed to that is I have been able to hunt more this year. Have seen some limited action, hopefully I'll get my shot before the seasons are out. At any rate, I was in the tree one evening recently and saw an amazing site. The fog rolled in just at sunset and gave the woods a very ethereal feel. I sat as long as I could, surrounded by it. Aside from the quality time I spend with my family, it was the most content I've been in a long time. I snapped a pic from the ground. I had to brighten the picture a bit so you could see it better.

If heaven exists, mine looks a little like this.

Like something out of a fantasy movie.